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Marine Sediments (MARS)

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How to formulate your query

To enter a query, fill in one or more of the text boxes and/or (un)check the sample categories. You DO NOT need to fill in any or every text box.
All query parameters will be used to restrict the data output (either as a web page or csv file).
All non-csv data queries will be returned as a web page of surveys.
All csv data queries will be returned as a file of comma separated variables.
Categories Samples have been broadly defined to categories based on their sample type. Check the category boxes you want to search on.
All boxes checked or unchecked searches for all sample categories.
Checking/unchecking the sample category boxes turns the map layers on/off.
North/South/East/West  Either input your search area in decimal degrees or click the i icon and drag a box on the map.
The coordinates from the map will be put into the North/South/East/West fields and the query submitted.
These coordinates will remain in the fields after your query has been run.
Years from/to Input the year(s) you want to search from and/or to. The search will be from 1 January of the "from" year and/or to 31 December of the the "to" year.
Keyword Input the whole or partial word you want to search on. This field is case insensitive. Your input will be matched against several data fields: survey name, survey id, operator, owner, chief scientist or vessel.
Data download [in csv format] 
Analysis Report Select the analysis you want to return data for as CSV output. The data output is restricted by your query parameters.
Submit Query Press to open either a new web page containing a list of survey results or a csv file based on your query parameters.
Reset Press to reset the web page to its original state.
Map layers 
Basins/Estuaries Check/uncheck the box to turn the map layer on/off.
Click to reset the map to its original geographical extents.
Click the icon and then click on the map to zoom in to that location.
Click the icon and then click on the map to zoom out from that location.
Click the icon and drag the map to your desired location.
i Click the icon and then drag a box on the map to search that area.
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