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Wandrawandian Formation STRATNO: 19383
Current: No Rank: Formation, beds Status: Probably misspelt State(s): NSW
Category: Unknown or process pending Usage: Briefly described Definition Card: No
Originator: Entry date: 01-JAN-88 Last Update: 24-AUG-12
Replaced by: Wandrawandian Siltstone Previously known as: Wandrawandian Siltstone
Description: Mid-grey to blue-grey fine-grained quartz-lithic silty sandstone, mudstone, siltstone (fine specks mica present); matrix-supported polymictic pebbles within sequence. Commonly bioturbated, fossils include: brachiopods, corals and crinoid stems
Geological province: No quality assured province information available
Type state: Reference section type:
Maximum thickness: Minimum thickness:

Unit Age
Top of unit -
Minimum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:
Maximum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:
Base of unit -
Minimum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:
Maximum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:

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First Reference:
REFID: 43377 Griffin, R.J., 1963, Groundwater resources of Sussex Inlet., Geological Survey of New South Wales. Technical Report, 8, 143-148

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Usage: Briefly described (p9, p59) Comments: Same as Wandrawandian Siltstone? Of the Maitland Group [??]. Geological Province: Sydney Basin.
REFID: 22601 Roberts, J. , Claoue-Long, J.C. , Foster, C.B. 1996 SHRIMP zircon dating of the Permian System of eastern Australia Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 43(4) 401-421
Usage: Mentioned (411, 417, 419) Min age from reference: Permian Max age from reference: Permian Comments: Geol province Sydney Basin
REFID: 47041 Dickins, J.M. 1984 Late Palaeozoic Glaciation BMR Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics 9(2) p163-169
Usage: Mentioned (p167) Comments:
REFID: 43377 Griffin, R.J. 1963 Groundwater resources of Sussex Inlet. Geological Survey of New South Wales. Technical Report 8 143-148
Usage: Not recorded (p143) Comments: Formation of Shoalhaven Group

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