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Wandrawandian Formation STRATNO: 19383
Current: No Rank: Formation, beds Status: Probably misspelt State(s): NSW
Category: Unknown or process pending Usage: Described Definition Card: No
Originator: Entry date: 01-JAN-88Last Update: 26-JUL-17
Replaced by: Wandrawandian Siltstone Previously known as: Wandrawandian Siltstone
Description: Mid-grey to blue-grey fine-grained quartz-lithic silty sandstone, mudstone, siltstone (fine specks mica present); matrix-supported polymictic pebbles within sequence. Commonly bioturbated, fossils include: brachiopods, corals and crinoid stems
Geological province: No province information available
Type state: Reference section type:
Maximum thickness: mMinimum thickness:
Unit Age Event: deposition
Top of unit -
Minimum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:
Maximum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:
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Minimum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:
Maximum age: Ma: % from base of biozone: Age method:

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First Reference:
REFID: 43377 Griffin, R.J., 1963, Groundwater resources of Sussex Inlet., Geological Survey of New South Wales. Technical Report, 8, 143-148

Use on maps:
REFID: 71303 Trigg, S.J., Campbell, L.M., 2016, Moss Vale 1:100 000 geological sheet 8928, Geological Survey of New South Wales, map

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REFID: 70661 Trigg, S.J. , Campbell, L.M. 2016 Moss Vale 1:100 000 geological sheet 8928. Explanatory Notes Geological Survey of New South Wales 268p
Usage: Described (p6, p137, p139, p161-p167, p169, p174) Min age from reference: Roadian Max age from reference: Kungurian Comments: Named after Wandrawandian Creek (now Wandandian Creek). Previously termed Wandrawandian Pebbly sandstones, Wandrawandian Sandstone or Wandrawandian Siltstone. These were all replaced byWandrawandian Formation so as to better reflect the lithology. Distribution, geomorphology, fossil assemblage and structure discussed. Potential as hydrocarbon seal and source. Up to 200m thick in some places. Deposited in a cold climate, near shore marine environment. Age based on fossil evidence and correlation with Branxton Formation. , Conformably overlain by Nowra Sandstone, Purnoo Conglomerate Member, conformably (and probably gradationally) overlies Snapper Point Formation, equivalent to Branxton Formation , Very fine to fine grained, lithic quartzose sandstone that is commonly silty and bioturbated, micaceous, sandy siltstone. Claystone, medium grained sandstone and rare pebble and cobble, matrix supported conglomerate.
REFID: 71303 Trigg, S.J. , Campbell, L.M. 2016 Moss Vale 1:100 000 geological sheet 8928 Geological Survey of New South Wales map
Usage: Briefly described (map legend) Min age from reference: Cisuralian Max age from reference: Cisuralian Comments: Of Sydney Basin. , Of Shoalhaven Group. , Dark to light grey, lithic-quartz very fine to medium-grained sandstone, sandy siltstone, silty claystone, rare siltstone + matrix-supported conglomerate. Micaceous, bioturbated, ubiquitousdropstones, macrofossils locally.
REFID: 60281 Stephenson, A.E. , Burch, G.J. 2004 Preliminary Evaluation of the Petroleum Potential of Australia's Central East Margin Geoscience Australia. Record 2004/06 69p
Usage: Briefly described (p9, p59) Comments: Same as Wandrawandian Siltstone? Of the Maitland Group [??]. Geological Province: Sydney Basin.
REFID: 22601 Roberts, J. , Claoue-Long, J.C. , Foster, C.B. 1996 SHRIMP zircon dating of the Permian System of eastern Australia Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 43(4) 401-421
Usage: Mentioned (411, 417, 419) Min age from reference: Permian Max age from reference: Permian Comments: Geol province Sydney Basin
REFID: 47041 Dickins, J.M. 1984 Late Palaeozoic Glaciation BMR Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics 9(2) p163-169
Usage: Mentioned (p167) Comments:
REFID: 43377 Griffin, R.J. 1963 Groundwater resources of Sussex Inlet. Geological Survey of New South Wales. Technical Report 8 143-148
Usage: Not recorded (p143) Comments: Formation of Shoalhaven Group

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